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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine
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    Quick Fix Synthetic Urine will hide your shameful history of drug application when you face a sudden drug test (cocaine, marijuana, THC, and so on). Quick Fix ensures no difference in results for males and females. The product corresponds to the necessary demands, which are listed in lab characteristics for normal pure urine: enough creatinine, specific urine gravity, and normalized pH. The color is also characteristic of human urine. Quick Fix kit includes all the things necessary for successful results: an indicator for temperature measuring, a warming device for reaching this temperature, so that you won't have to search your mind to heat it up. 2 oz. of urine is included in a special container, which is sufficient for any common test.

Using Tips: For the urine sample to cause no suspicion, you should warm it up to 90-100 degrees. If you have an instant necessity to do this, warm the specimen up in your microwave for 5-10 seconds (while with a warming device you'll reach this temperature only in an hour). Using your microwave, pay special attention to the heating time, as a urine sample which is too hot or boiled up will likely change in its content. When you get the specimen to the right temperature level, you can take it to the testing place.

Manufacturing Line: Synthetic urine content is regularly renewed according to demands. Currently the version is marked 5.7.

State induced testing policy is the case where Quick Fix is inapt for application. You should not use Quick Fix for illegal purpose. Quick Fix is forbidden for use in KY, NJ, and IL.

Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Program will additionally ensure your purification process is a success.

3 OZ Size - Quick Fix Synthetic Urine
Buy Now! $36.99
3 OZ Size - Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

The Quick Fix synthetic urine is premixed laboratory urine designed to protect your privacy during a urinary drug (THC, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, pollutants) test or nicotine test. The Quick Fix is...
4 OZ Size - ULTRA PURE Pre-mixed Synthetic Urine
Buy Now! $41.99
4 OZ Size - ULTRA PURE Pre-mixed Synthetic Urine

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine is constituted from appropriately selected components, which are also mixed in right quantities to correspond to common urine characteristics, such as pH level, gravity...

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